Here’s what to check when buying a used Laptop


If you buying a used laptop from craigslist, ebay, or through facebook new ads. Its important that you understand how and what to look for when buying a used computer. There are alot of scammers out their that will attempt to give you a computer that does not work but looks and operates as if it does and these are the people that you need to make sure that you stay away from.

They are so sneaky that they will go ahead and show you a working computer that has a virus on it but if you are not prepared to review the computer your getting ready to purchase, you will be doomed to buying a piece of equipment that will make your wallet very upset.

So, what do you check when buying a new computer? Here is a list of everything you need from A-Z broken down nicely to help you find the best deal and remain safe out in a sea of sharks.