How to buy a used computer


If you in the market for a new computer and dont have any clue as to how your going to stay out of trouble when doing so, this is the perfect guide for you. If you are the known person in the family who runs away from anything tech, this will also help you find the best path in getting and operating a computer.

Dont be like the many out their that get scammed into buying a computer online and never having the knowledge to realized that they actually got reaped off. Or find your self with a computer that does not work after a weak is a terrible ordeal to have to go through.

Tip 1#

Buy online for reputable places

If you have a bit of time on your hands and urgency is not a matter that bothers you, try buying a guaranteed refurbished piece of equipment from many sites online. Which sites:

Amazon refurbished computers

Newegg refurbished computers

Tiger refurbisehd computer

Use the links below to go directly to their sites and find the best computer for you.


These sites are established, and if you buy a crappy product you have the security of knowing you can just return it and get a new one 🙂


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